CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECKS   CAN I OBTAIN A CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK ON SOMEONE OR MYSELF? Criminal History Checks can be obtained through Oregon State Police for a fee. You can contact their main headquarters in Salem at (503) 378-3070. Local Background Checks are available but only show charges stemming from Jefferson County.    

COPIES OF REPORTS:      HOW MUCH DO REPORTS COST?   Most reports are available to the public at a cost of $10.00 per report. For reports larger than 5 pages, an additional $1.00 per page will be charged.    CAN I GET A REPORT ON ANYBODY?   We can run scans to find out case numbers or to see if a person was involved in a incident.    DO I NEED A CASE NUMBER TO GET A COPY?   Having a case number is helpful, but if you know the time, location, and nature of an incident we can look it up for you.    ARE ALL REPORTS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC?   If a case is currently under investigation, has gone to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution, or if the case involves a juvenile as being a suspect or arrested, the report will NOT be released and no information in the report will be given out.