County Commissioners

Board of County Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the County governing body.  They provide a direct link between the citizens of Jefferson County and their County Government.  The Board is responsible for approving ordinances (County Laws); adopting the County budget; setting standards for the use of County property; appointing non-elected officials, boards, commissions and committees; and overseeing the operation of County departments with appointed department heads.

The Board consists of three part-time members.  Each member is elected for a four-year term of office and paid a salary established by the Budget Committee.  The Board elects its own chairman on an annual basis.  A quorum of two constitutes a majority vote and is necessary to decide any question before the Board.

Regular Board meetings are scheduled for the first, second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  The fourth meeting of the month begins at 8:15 a.m. with a meeting of the Department Directors followed by Citizen Input at 9:00 a.m.  The second and fourth meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. with Citizen Input.  Commission meetings are open to the public.

Wayne Fording, Commissioner

Wayne Fording
wfording [at]

Department Assignments:
CAO,  Community Development, Public Works, Community Justice and Surveyor

Committee Assignments:
COACT, COIC, East Cascades Workforce Board, Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Supervisory Authority, Regional Housing Council and Oregon Regional Solutions Alternate.

Kelly Simmelink, Commissioner

Kelly Simmelink 
ksimmelink [at]

Department Assignments:
BestCare, District Attorney, Public Health, Buildings & Grounds, Fairgrounds, and Sheriff.

Committee Assignments:
Oregon Regional Solutions, Central Oregon Health Council, Ambulance Service Area, Deschutes Basin Water Collaborative, LPSCC, and Frontier 911.

Mark Wunsch, Commissioner

Mark Wunsch
 mwunsch [at] 

Department Assignments:
Assessor/GIS, Clerk, Finance/Tax/Treasurer, Veterans Service Officer, OSU Extension

Committee Assignments: Madras Airport/Industrial Site, Noxious Weed Advisory Committee, Safety Committee, Chamber of Commerce, EDCO, Wolf Committee, CO Strategy Steering Committee (Oregon Living with Fire Steering Comm.), Frontier 911 Alternate, COIC Alternate, and COACT Alternate.