Oregon MothersCare

Mother and Children

Oregon MothersCare (OMC) provides prenatal needs assessment appointments at no charge. 

The site coordinator provides coordination with pregnancy testing, prenatal care, OHP assistance, referrals and education resources at no charge.

OMC can assist with:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Applying for the Oregon Health Plan
  • Making their first prenatal care appointment with a doctor, nurse practitioner or midwife
  • Making a dental appointment
  • Information about the WIC program that gives women nutrition education and healthy food
  • Information about maternity case management services their community offers
  • Other information and services that may be available to them


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Many women do not get early prenatal care because they: 

  • Do not have health coverage or cannot afford care
  • Do not know what services are available to them
  • Find ‘the system’ to access care confusing or overwhelming

In 1998, private and public agencies met to find a way to make sure prenatal care would be available to ALL women in Oregon during their first 3 months of pregnancy. The result of their meetings was the creation of the Oregon MothersCare Program (OMC).