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What is Healthy Families Oregon?

Participation in Healthy Families Oregon (HFO) is a free family support and parent education home visiting program. HFO is voluntary and it focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship to assure healthy child growth and development. Home visitors support parents in cultivating and strengthening a nurturing, positive relationship with their baby at each visit. Parents receive information on topics like child development, infant care and keeping their baby healthy, and learn what is going on in their communities to support new families. Many families are eligible for home visits with a trained home visitor, who coach them as they build their skills as parents and help their baby be safe, healthy and learn.

Healthy Families Oregon is an accredited multi-site state system with Healthy Families America (HFA) and Oregon’s largest child abuse prevention program. Healthy Families empowers parents to be their child’s best teacher from the very start!

Healthy Families is Oregon’s largest child abuse prevention program.  In 2014-2015, the program provided information and referral services to 7,700 Oregon families, and intensive home visiting to more than 2,500 of our most vulnerable families. Healthy Families has shown that it works to reduce child maltreatment and increase children’s readiness for school. More about program results can be found in the Statewide Evaluation Summary and 2014-15 Data Tables, both prepared by NPC Research.

A securely attached baby leads to a curious toddler, which leads to a kindergartner ready for school and beyond. For the best for your baby, call your local Healthy Families Oregon program today.



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