Babies First!

Babies First! Family

Babies First! is a nurse home visiting program for families with babies and children up to age 5. Nurses and Community Health Specialists visit you and your baby at home and can:

  • Weigh your baby
  • Help with breastfeeding
  • Check to make sure your child is learning and growing, as they should
  • Help you keep your child’s teeth and smile healthy
  • Help you build a happy, loving, and fun relationship between you and your child
  • Answer questions about keeping yourself and your child healthy and help you know when to see the doctor 
  • Offer information about what to expect as your child grows and develops
  • Help you recognize what your child is telling you before he/she can talk
  • Help you make your home safe for your child
  • Work with you to solve problems that affect your family’s health
  • Help you get health care and/or apply for the Oregon Health Plan
  • Refer you to other services you might need

For Happier, Healthier Babies

"Babies First!" can help you and your baby be happier and healthier together. Take advantage of this very special program. The extra care you and your baby receive can make a very big difference in your futures.

Regular Home Visits

A public health nurse may visit you regularly until your baby is three years old. She'll give your baby health and developmental screenings.  She will work closely with your doctor or clinic. Your baby's health will always be in very good hands.  Home visits may be done at other times as well, depending on the needs of the family.

Helping families make sure their babies are healthy as they grow and learn!

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