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We would argue that Jefferson County is the most beautiful county in Oregon. How many people can say that they are just an hour, or even just mere minutes, from the most gorgeous scenery in the state?

But our county's great beauty is a constant project alongside our roads - unknowingly to motorists, things fly out of their vehicles and litter nearby ditches. It is up to us to volunteer to keep our Jefferson County as gorgeous as it has been for hundreds of years.

Benefits for our County-

Traffic Safety - Roadside trash can pose a traffic hazard, especially items that blow onto the road. Keep our roads safe!

Wildlife Safety - Roadside litter can injure wildlife, especially small animals that may get trapped in plastic or try to consume it. Keep our wildlife safe!

Environmental Safety - Roadside litter can post an environmental hazard, especially chemicals that can leak into soil or water as their containers decompose. Keep our environment healthy!

Attractive Environment – Roadside litter can be unsightly. Keep Jefferson County Beautiful!

Adopt-A-Road Program

Thank you for your interest in the Jefferson County Adopt-A-Road program. The County encourages business, family, civic, youth and non-profit organizations to adopt an area of roadway for litter control. The program allows citizens to demonstrate community pride, make a positive statement for a clean and attractive community and help the county to keep costs down. Jefferson County needs volunteers to pick up roadside litter as a way to beautify the County.

To adopt a road, volunteers make an up to 3 year commitment to pick up litter at least two times a year. The length of the adopted roadway may vary, but typically most sections are about two miles.

The County will provide all supplies and equipment for cleanup events, as well as post signs recognizing volunteer groups along adopted roadway sections.

Most individuals or groups are eligible to participate in the program.

Each set of volunteers must designate a group leader who will reserve cleanup kits, ensure all necessary forms have been submitted, and complete other responsibilities.


Any individual or group interested in participating in the Adopt-A-Road Program must contact the office to verify road availability. After road has been selected, please fill out an Adopt-a-Road Application Form and an Adopt-A-Road Liability Release Form  (both may be downloaded from the Supporting Documents below) and return it to the Public Works Department for consideration.


Each group must have an appointed authorized representative to act on behalf of the group. That representative shall:

  • Ensure each person participating in the program has reviewed and will comply with all Safety Rules as outlined.
  • Return or arrange to return all borrowed safety vests, signs, flags and unused bags to the Public Works Office.
  • Sign a Liability Release (which may be downloaded from the Supporting Documents below) for the group and its participants.
  • Act as the contact person for the group and keep Jefferson County Public Works updated on group participation in the program.
  • Ensure all participants between the ages of 16 - 18 have signed a Parental Consent Form before participating.
  • Provide a first-aid kit and adequate drinking water for all participants.
  • Provide one adult (age 21 or older) for every four participants that are under age 21.
  • Fill out and return the total hours worked and how much litter was picked up.

Typically each group should schedule at least four cleanup days (depending on condition of the road) per year during the spring and fall (usually Saturdays from April to November), and will arrange for garbage collection from the Public Works Department for those scheduled cleanup days.

Supplies Provided:

Jefferson County Public Works will provide the following items:

  • Litter patrol signs
  • Safety vests
  • Bags for collecting garbage
  • Safety information

Safety First

Safety rules are important to protect participants during cleanup events. Rules that volunteers must follow include:

  • Wearing safety vests at all times.
  • Placing a “Volunteer Litter Crew Ahead” warning sign facing traffic ahead of the work area.
  • Cleaning only one side of the road at a time and facing oncoming traffic.
  • Refraining from wearing headphones while working.
  • Marking and reporting any hazardous materials or items, such as chemical spills, broken glass, drug paraphernalia and dead animals.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing, namely pants, thick-soled shoes or boots, and gloves.
  • Performing cleanup activities during daylight hours and when weather is conducive to good visibility.
  • Working in groups of at least two individuals.

Roadways Available For Adoption

Adopted roadways are county roads in unincorporated Jefferson County. The program does not apply to federal and state highways, city streets or private roads.

Jefferson County already has identified about a dozen road sections suitable for adoption.

Volunteers also can request to adopt other road sections. Public Works will assess the proposed section for road shoulders, sight distances and other safety considerations before deciding whether to approve the request.


For more information, please contact the Public Works Office at (541) 475-4459.